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 How to use TSM Plus

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PostSubject: How to use TSM Plus   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:41 pm

I attached the TSM program to the shared folder on Dropbox, something that I think will be invaluable to people new to ESMS/ESMS+ games because it provides a graphic user interface (GUI) to creating your teamsheets. It is a lot less problematic than typing it all up, which is what I used to have to do!

Before anything else, make sure the TSM and rosters have been unzipped into the same folder. It makes it quicker for the program to find the right files.

1. Open TSM Plus.exe

2. Click 'Load Roster' and choose your roster when the file window pops up, then click 'Open'. (Be careful not to click 'Load Team Sheet' instead. If you try to load a roster after clicking that, you will receive an error.)

3. It may not look like anything has happened but if there is no error message, the program has loaded the roster correctly. Check the larger drop-down boxes in the Starting Eleven section. They should come up with the names of players on the selected roster. The smaller drop-down boxes to the left are to designate a position to the selected player. So start filling out the positions and players for each of the starting spots, and for the substitutes. You will notice The Teamsheet box on the far right begins to fill up as you enter information. If you make a mistake and you change a drop-down selection, the information changes in The Teamsheet box automatically.

4. Fill out Team Info. In the abbreviations box, enter the exact name of your roster, without the file extension. So if you have 'ars.txt', the abbreviation will need to be 'ars'. Fill in the remaining drop down boxes (Starting Tactic, Penalty Taker and Aggression) of Team Info.

* You may also want to look at the Conditions tab, where TSM Plus really comes into its own. You can make changes during the game with a number of conditions in the one line. Just remember if you are making a substitution, that the starting players are numbered from 1 to 11 as the teamsheet reads it (from top to bottom), and the substitutes are from 12 to 16. *

5. Once you are satisfied with your teamsheet, make sure you are in Players/Team Info tab and click 'Create Team Sheet'. You should receive a pop-up saying your teamsheet was successfully generated.

* After all that is complete, please either send the teamsheet to me at or just copy and paste it to aussietaliamsn via a Private Message on the forum. *

If you have any further questions, let me know, but that should help you.

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How to use TSM Plus
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