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 NFF Transfer Rules

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PostSubject: NFF Transfer Rules   NFF Transfer Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2012 5:46 am

Transfer Rules

Only two clubs may be involved in any transfer. The buyer or seller must open a thread in the ‘Confirmed Transfers’ sub-forum of the site, with both managers confirming their agreement to the deal. In the thread, the details of the deal must be shown.

Only the following types of transfers are permitted:

* Cash for player(s)
* Player swap
* Cash + player swap
* Loan
* Cash for loan

A loan, by default, goes to the end of the season, though the loaner may choose to recall the player as long as the transfer window is still open.

I reserve the right to cancel deals that are very unbalanced, though hopefully I will not need to do this. Deals will also be cancelled if a player is currently not on either roster, whether the player is on loan or has agreed to join a club on a future transfer.

Clubs may buy and sell no more than three players a week. Clubs may also not have more than three loans in and out at any one time.

Transfer Window

Transfers are permitted to happen at any time in the season up to Round 13 in the league. Any transfers will be processed after each match, so expect rosters to be updated the day after a matchday is played.
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NFF Transfer Rules
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